15 best locations for pre-wedding shoot

Wedding is one of the finest bonds made through the ancestral ages. Cherishing the eternal love and creating memories that last for a lifetime. Honeybook studios promise you the best of locations for your pre-wedding shoot. Every moment that you relive shall be framed very beautifully at the variety of sets placed here.

  1. The Pride of Rajasthan : Capture the bright, bold and beautiful Rajasthan in a frame. The red stones promise to rekindle the romance within you.
  2. River point : What is better than a photo with enthralling river water all around. A fully decorated boat with flowers amidst a natural setup.
  3. Hobbit : New Zealand’s rugged scenery revamped and brought in straight for you. Middle earth ancient house typology.
  4. Frosty: A set that can be described in a single word- magnificent. Straight out of a fairy tail, this white carved Roman stage is sure to make you feel like a princess.
  5. La café : Wooden deck setup with floral veils and a cup of coffee what more do we need? Lush greens around promise you enigmatic charisma
  6. Swings : The iconic Bali swing is brought close to you. Feel your love rekindle as fresh air brushes your hair
  7. Village farms : Less is more and nature is the best therapy. Feel desi and get close to the punjabi feels of our traditional khet.
  8. Roman sculpture : Arches in marble that take you straight to Rome.
  9. Norway villa : Housing alley inspired from Norway that adds spunk and valour. Bright and beautiful as it shows
  10. Glitzy glamour : Feel the need to add some glamour.. This is the right set choice for you. Multi coloured Led lights add oomph factor to your night clicks
  11. Wooden house : Simplistic looking house is sure to give you pictures that are worth a million likes. Lush green grass and breathtaking blue skies make you love this space forever
  12. Driveway : Who doesn’t like a drive amidst natural beauty. Experience the best of roadside views here
  13. Floral deck : Make your loved one feel special on this intricately designed floral deck amidst the river. This setup is best used as a backdrop for any occasion
  14. Dreamy alley : Semi circular arches embedded with right choice of flowers and lights make your way extra special. Want to go OTT, get yourself a click here
  15. Awara hoon : As we love to say- Love is best seen in black and white. Go into a past trip with this set that best reminds you of classic romance
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