Our Sets

The Swiss tram

Breeze Of Fresh Love

The Magnanimous Fort

Capture Magnanimous Memories

The Royal Palace

Mia Amore

Welcome to the palace of dreams Spanish Style as you capture royalty with class and elegance.

Bali Nest

Swastyastu Om Swastyastu

Rekindle your honeymoon feels amidst our Balinese stack


Cozy Enough To Bring You Close

New Zealand's rugged scenery revamped and brought in straight for you. Middle earth ancient house typology

Date of your dreams


A dreamy cabana set up to live the life of your dreams. Capture your most memorable moments at honeybook with this scenic cabana setup.

Snooker Room

Keep your eyes on the ball

Pitch the right ball and hit the right stand that connects your heart. Hit the right goal as you cuddle with your beloved in this gloomy snooker room setup

Jodhpuri Chauraha


Amidst the blue city of Jodhpur, make your loved one feel special and grounded. Deck up yourself in the best ethnic lehenga and twirl around in the streets of Jodhpur.

The Pride Of Rajasthan

Ram Ram Sa

Capture the bright, bold and beautiful Rajasthan in a frame

Jal Vatika

An Oasis Of Bliss & Serenity

This Reflection of Love Set makes for one of the most soothing and exotic shots in an azure setting close to nature

London Street Telephone


Walk straight out of a London street web series in your Street casual OOTD. Vibes that make you feel so LA.

DDLJ farms

Jaa Simran Jaa

Who hasnt dreamt of having a RAJ moment in their lives. Hey girl, Get your RAJ to sing along with you as you walk down these beautiful DDLJ farms.

Indian Swings

Je Te Veux

What best to sway along than a floral deckup up swing hanging from the banyan tree. This swing is sure to make you feel a bollywood bride.

The Li'l Tent


Star gazed night and lit up tent, a bonfire to built up warmth as you cuddle up in the arms of your boyfriend. Doesn't that sound enuf romantic.???

White Street Cafe

Everything inside me blooms for you.

Walk along the European streets and spot this spotless white cafe setup. Cycle your loved one around to get the European honeymoon vibes.

Kashmir Ki Kali


Kashmir ki kali or kashmir ki gori..?? Say whatever you have it both next to you as you ride along the serene river in this kashmiri shikara boat. PS: Do add fog to make your pics look surreal.

Floral deck

Love Amidst Water

Make your loved one feel special on this intricately designed floral deck amidst the river. This setup is best used as a backdrop for any occasion

Village farms

Romance In The Greens

Less is more and nature is the best therapy. Feel desi and get close to the punjabi feels of our traditional khet


Roads That Meander Through Love

Who doesn't like a drive amidst natural beauty. Experience the best of roadside views here


Love As Pure As White

A set that can be described in a single word- magnificent. Straight out of a fairy tail, this white carved Roman stage is sure to make you feel like a princess

Café Canberra

Moody Mocha and Frisky Fall

A set up ideal for all kind of model, food and fashion photography alike, the casual coffee table set up creates a fun, peppy yet sophisticated environment that stands apart vividly in a crowd of photos

LA cafe

Sip The Serenity

Wooden deck setup with floral veils and a cup of coffee what more do we need? Lush greens around promise you enigmatic charisma


Swoon Your Way Ahead

The iconic Bali swing is brought close to you. Feel your love rekindle as fresh air brushes your hair

British Library

Read Your Love Aloud

Enjoy a shoot in a vintage library set up that not only looks and feels expensive but also portrays the true emotion you wish to bring out in a shoot

Royal room

Italian Essence With Style

Ethnic Italian Interiors of this room create a statement of style by itself. Minimalist Floral setup here adds the right amount of colour

Wooden house

Shade Your Way Away

Simplistic looking house is sure to give you pictures that are worth a million likes. Lush green grass and breathtaking blue skies make you love this space forever

Horse Barn

Gadda Da Vida

A Texan style cowboy ranch that makes for a perfect rustic setup. With its husky and dusky hues and tones the subject stands out in prefect contrast and takes you back to the era of wooden wilderness

River point

Flow In The Feelings

What is better than a photo with enthralling river water all around. A fully decorated boat with flowers amidst a natural setup

Ribbons of Bond


Entwine love with ever enchanting ribbons of vibrant colours

Cherry Blossom


Enroll in the Korean feels as you walk down this alley

Green Dome


Two hearts that beat as one

Nest of Love


Cuddle up and have a time of your own

Norway villa

Rejoice Every Colour

Housing alley inspired from Norway that adds spunk and valour. Bright and beautiful as it shows

Glitzy glamour

Make Your Love Glitter

Feel the need to add some glamour.. This is the right set choice for you. Multi coloured Led lights add oomph factor to your night clicks

Dreamy alley

Archway To New Life

Semi circular arches embedded with right choice of flowers and lights make your way extra special. Want to go OTT, get yourself a click here

Lantern pathway

Love Can Also Be Made In China

Yellow dim lighting. You and me together. Lonely paths and birds humming around. Feel it love it

Doorway to heaven

Fairies Know Your Way

Let the cupid strike you when you step ahead from this door. Classy white wooden battens and serene green veils

Retro Scooter


Feel the breeze of love as you sway along with your loved one

Greek Goddess


As rich as India, Step into the heritage of greek literature and relive your moments at this sculpted ruins of Greece. The rustic look and finesse of details are sure to add a WOW factor to your video.

Dil Se

Forever & Always

A heart shaped window decked up with floral decor. Window that looks into the gushing river and lush greens. A frame in itself.

The Piano notes


Make your love sound serene as you step down this piano with your beauty. Don't forget to take a drone shot in your ball gowns.

The Pink Bed


A starry nigh, flowing pink curtains, white linen bedspreads and a lovely girl next to you. Feel this comfort at this pink bed laid within a range of trees to make you feel secluded and secured.

Sunflower House

Everything inside me blooms for you.

Wishing that your life blooms as these sunflowers do when sun shines. Click the best portraits in your ranched outfits and feel the countryside love.

Spunky walkway

Walk Through The Colours Of Life

Nominal looking pathway is brought to life by the play of colours. Only a true designer can bring spunk in ordinary spaces

The Pink Wall


Deck up yourself in a blush white gown and step across this doorway to open vistas of new world with your loved one. The pink wall is sure to get best frames for your couple pictures

Bucketed wall


Innumerable tubs of colours add playfulness to a bland wall. Feel the need of something not general. Want to try something off bit. Then this is the right choice of set

Graffiti rickshaw


Bring out the colours of love with our specially curated rickshaw

The Roman Sculpture

Gateway to Heaven

The Glory of European Sculptures captured in a click with the roman exuberance and magnificence that makes every moment a true memory of a lifetime

New York Café


Sip the spark and feel the romance


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